What is a Brand Management Software?

Brand Management Software captures all aspects of designing, delivering, controlling, and protecting brand assets while guaranteeing easy access and ensuring consistent usage among an entire organization. Provides users the best option to execute a marketing campaign for your brand, create new marketing strategies, and approve the same campaign. Protects brand identity, branding consistency and ensures legal compliance by providing only approved marketing materials in your portal. Brand Management Software allows users to set up automatic expiration notifications on branded marketing collateral and media assets that are no longer relevant.

Brand Management Software enables users to integrate business social media accounts to the brand management portal and directly share content with their customers. Allows users to create multi-format content as per their needs, such as creating content in PDF, HTML, and other formats. Users can also track project workflows and monitor their marketing campaigns with real-time analytics.

Features of a Brand Management Software

  • Custom User Profiles: Allows users to customize brand profiles with a look and feel unique to their business line.
  • Expiration Notifications: Allows users to automatically set notifications when an asset is about to expire and is no longer available to use.
  • Approval Workflows: Enables users to enhance your workflow and set an approval policy that automatically sends information to an approver when a new asset should customize.
  • Brand Management Guide: Enables users to maintain brand identity by placing brand rules and approved logos on the brand management portal’s homepage for quick access to frequently used approved assets and marketing collateral.
  • Content Controls: Allows users to maintain brand consistency and stay compliant by securing content fields like a disclaimer while allowing other content fields like contact information to be edited.

List of Brand Management Software

When you start looking for the best brand management software, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the list of options available. Here is the handpicked list of brand management software to choose as per your requirement:

1. Bynder

Image Courtesy – https://pageflows.com/

Bynder is an online brand management solution that aligns your brand assets to your brand management guidelines, brand strategy, and approved usage. Automates and simplifies all processes related to the company’s sharing and management’s branding and marketing tools. Bynder, brand management software, enables users to streamline their collaborative approach, store digital assets of all shapes and sizes more efficiently, and better understand your marketing materials’ distribution.

Bynder, a brand management software, allows teams to work from a controlled centralized location to create, access, review, control, and monitor branded digital assets such as videos, business cards, presentations, graphics, documents, banners, and other valuable digital media.

Key Features:

  • Brands have full control over marketing and brand operations via one central portal, with role-based access from anywhere, anytime
  • Bynder allows you to customize the interface of your brand portal fully
  • Allows users to push brand assets to social media and other online marketing channels in seconds
  • More than 1 million professionals globally are using Bynder Brand Management software

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2. MyAdbox

Image Courtesy – https://www.accessify.com/

MyAdbox is a cloud-based brand management software, which helps businesses across the automotive, retail, advertising, and finance sectors manage media assets and prepare ad content for marketing campaigns. MyAdbox brand management software includes secure data storage, white labeling, user activity tracking, custom URL creation, multi-lingual support, material assessment, and performance reporting.

MyAdbox enables you to upload and organize media files of various formats within a multi-tiered folder, add custom tags or metadata fields for sorting and filtering purposes and grant access permissions to specific users.

Key Features:

  • MyAdbox integrates with virtually any technology to get IT efficiencies and ensure ROI over the long term
  • Empowers sales and marketing network with smart content creation capabilities
  • Offers integration with various platforms such as G-Suite, Gmail, Tableau, MailChimp, etc
  • MyAdbox is trusted by big companies such as Toyota, Volkswagen, etc

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3. RelayThat

Image Courtesy – https://www.technoven.com/

RelayThat is a brand management software that helps to design advertisement banners for various social media platforms. Allows businesses to change the layout, text font, or background colors of images and download edited copies in several formats. RelayThat brand management software enables professionals to upload multiple images in the digital workspace and create brand designs using customizable templates.

RelayThat brand management software also allows users to generate headlines by automatically suggesting SEO-enabled keywords and maintaining a consistent layout across images according to brand guidelines.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to create new workspaces for projects/campaigns and preview finished designs before exporting files
  • Pricing is available on monthly subscriptions, and support is extended via FAQs, documentation, and e-mail
  • Its online graphic design system offers collaboration, image database, image editor, and templates in one place
  • Allows users to access through any web browser and also includes drag and drop options

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4. Percolate

Image Courtesy – https://www.getapp.com/

Percolate is a cloud-based brand management software for midsize and large companies. Allows users to manage brand and channel management activities from a central location. Offers end-to-end content creation and a brand publishing platform to help users distribute organic and paid social media channels. Percolate brand management software unites your brand, data, and stories across every team, location, integrated system, and customer interaction.

Key Features:

  • Provides content creation, distribution, audience management, social listening, analytics, and customer care features
  • Offers integrations with Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, Salesforce, Marketo, WorkFront, etc
  • Also works for iOS and Android to configure and implement the right brand management system for your business
  • Allows users to view and plan editorial calendars for different channels, teams, and markets

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5. Brandox

Image Courtesy – https://brandox.com/

Brandox is an easy-to-use brand management software for busy marketers and communicators. Provides a brand with a space to organize and share graphic elements quickly and professionally. The platform stores all brand elements in one place, including logos, images, symbols, colors, videos, and templates, etc. With Brandox brand management software, organizations get their start/log-in page with customized backgrounds and custom URLs. It also offers a free trial version.

Key Features:

  • Allows selecting the files to send and write the email address of the person receiving the files without leaving your brand page
  • Enables anyone with access can upload/download files to a Brandox account.
  • Enables users to invite and share visual elements with clients, colleagues, distributors, and partners
  • Allows users to handle multiple brand pages and enables them to flip between them on the dashboard

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6. Marcom On Demand

Image Courtesy – https://marcom.com/

MarCom On Demand is a cloud-based brand management solution. The solution is suited to the industry, such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, technology, software, and financial services. Allows users to manage your organization’s brand resources and marketing workflows centrally.

MarCom On Demand brand management software helps you set a brand with comprehensive asset management, process automation, content customization, and intuitive design. Allows users to customize the brand portal design.

Key Features:

  • Allows sales teams, channel partners, franchisees, and users to create custom marketing collateral from different places
  • Supports multiple languages and also supports file conversion formats
  • Also provides users a single portal to upload and share brand assets with internal and external teams
  • Provides support through online resources, training, via email and phone

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7. Brand24

Image Courtesy – https://brand24.com/

Brand24 is a social media and web monitoring solution. Thousands of businesses of all sizes use Brand24 to identify and analyze online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors across the web. Brand24 brand management software empowers its users to stay updated about their businesses online, get customer insights, engage communities, identify sales leads, and improve social customer service.

Key Features:

  • Supports monitoring major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and integrates with Slack
  • Allows users to instantly react to positive comments or respond to a dissatisfied customer
  • Available in three pricing packages that cater to individuals and small businesses’ needs and large enterprises
  • Brand24 also offers a free, two-week trial period

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8. Frontify

Image Courtesy – https://chartmogul.com/

Frontify is a cloud-based brand management software that caters to businesses of all sizes. Suitable for various industries such as IT, consulting, insurance, travel, and tourism. Frontify brand management software allows users to upload and access style guides and brand assets. Users can also add images, videos, gifs, and more to the brand portal.

Frontify also allows for resizing images and setting licensing criteria for assets while uploading them through the portal. With Frontify, every team can collaborate effectively, streamline everyday marketing and design operations, and strengthen brand consistency across all channels.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to create brand manuals for clients by inserting brand logos, typography, and predefined content blocks
  • Enables users to share files and folders using invite links, and links only provide specific files or folders
  • Trusted by 2,000+ companies worldwide, including Facebook, Dyson, Lufthansa, Vodafone, etc
  • Allows users to store and organize their brand files using tags, categories, and folders

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9. MomentFeed

Image Courtesy – https://www.capterra.com/

MomentFeed is a cloud-based brand management solution that helps multi-location brands optimize proximity searches to connect customers with brands at the local level. Allows users to generate more foot traffic to their locations and gain visibility across various branches. MomentFeed brand management software supports many of the largest and fastest-rising regional, national, and global consumer brands across categories, such as restaurants, health & fitness, retail, banking, automotive, etc.

MomentFeed brand management software partners with social media, mobile networks, and map services to connect its clients directly to mobile consumers. Partners include Bing, Waze, Snap, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Google, etc.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to manage the entire customer mobile experience across every digital storefront in a single place
  • Enables users to manage and automate each local-mobile search triggers via its unified platform
  • Allows users to monitor and respond to hundreds of reviews all at once across multiple networks
  • Also enables multi-location brands to influence consumers on mobile

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10. Censhare

Image Courtesy – https://www.censhare.com/

Censhare provides a single platform that radically simplifies digital assets, content, and product information for communication across all channels. Simplifies all digital assets such as logos, brand artwork, images, and fonts, giving you full control of how your brand is used. Easy for regional and local teams to change and templates with content relevant to each market.

Censhare brand management software uses a process-oriented approach with flexible collaboration features and can be mostly automated, including creation, translation, and transformation of assets and information. A digital brand manual controls all brand-relevant information and guidelines for employees, partners, and users.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to use semantic database technology to reduce time and costs, and all data is held centrally and interlinked by relationships that can be searched quickly
  • censhare is a powerful tool that can be matched to your needs by adding optional modules
  • Allows users to share approved content with your brand managers, partners, and service providers
  • Also enables brands to connect with their audiences on any channel, in any language, locally or globally

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11. Brandfolder

Image Courtesy – https://brandfolder.com/

Brandfolder is a cloud-based brand management software that provides multiple processes to organize, store, and retrieve media assets and manage digital permissions. Its essential purpose is to provide a centralized database to share and showcase your brand assets easily. Brandfolder brand management software can be customized for almost all types of businesses, such as sports, retail, technology, etc.

Brandfolder helps users manage and update their media assets, including logos, videos, audio, press releases, etc. Provides auto-tags images, converts image copy to text, thumbnails videos, and supports in-document search, helping users search for specific assets.

Key Features:

  • Users can share and distribute assets with their colleagues by providing them access via embedded APIs on a website
  • Brandfolder provides multiple levels of security to protect and backup your files
  • It shows us what assets users are downloading and engaging with and how many users access our content
  • Allows users to generate custom reports, spot trends, and make business decisions

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12. Brandworkz

Image Courtesy – https://filestage.io/

Brandworkz is a cloud-based brand management software for marketers and brand managers. It is designed to be the central content hub of your marketing ecosystem. Brandworkz, a brand management software, enables you to centralize, manage, and share marketing and brand content, allow artwork editing and even oversee marketing production activity.

Brandworkz helps you to improve your brand consistency, build your brand equity, and ultimately grow your business’s overall value. Allows users to integrate with various marketing software platforms so that your content can be pulled directly from one central location into your social media or marketing automation platforms.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to centralize, manage, and distribute your marketing-approved assets to multiple channels from a single platform
  • Enables users to find the right logo, every time, cutting out endless, tedious logo requests
  • Brandworkz enables safer storage, faster search, and smarter distribution of marketing artwork
  • Streamlines audit, and tracks marketing production processes

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13. Marvia

Image Courtesy – https://www.getmarvia.com/

Marvia is a brand management solution that helps businesses create and manage local marketing material within the corporate framework. It includes digital brand identity, customizable branding, artwork management, template manager, social media, etc. A brand identity style guide helps you communicate with the target audience to keep your brand in mind. Marvia brand management software allows everyone to find the right templates and digital assets to start marketing based on brand guidelines.

Key Features:

  • Marvia helps you to secure and share your brand guidelines digitally
  • It ensures that everyone within your organization can easily create, manage, and publish (local) marketing materials
  • Allows users to set up an easily searchable asset bank with expiration dates, licensing info, and custom metadata
  • Users can create print and digital materials for all channels quickly

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14. Mentionlytics

Image Courtesy – https://www.mentionlytics.com/

Mentionlytics is a social media and web brand management solution designed for small to large-scale companies. Allows users to fetches their brand’s digital information automatically, making it manageable even for non-experts. Monitors brand on the web and social media by overtaking the major challenge of quickly and accurately gaining knowledge about your brand. Mentionlytics brand management software also provides all the necessary data needed to decide your marketing strategy.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to categorize comments made to evaluate whether likes or dislikes or have a neutral attitude towards their brand
  • Users can gather data from various social media sources to strengthen their brand
  • Allows users to monitor the entire web such as Facebook, Twiter, Youtube, etc
  • Also enables users to monitor their competitors or find marketing leads

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15. Beam

Image Courtesy – https://beam.monigle.com/

Beam is a cloud-based brand management solution. Allows users to manage brand guidelines in real-time. Users can make updates and can create pages using templates for visual, verbal, and digital policies. Enables users to upload brand assets in bulk and organize them using tags and categories. Beam brand management software provides users with built-in reporting and analytics to identify usage trends and track user activity using filters by role and location.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to create groups and manage access rights on a per-page or per-content basis
  • Enables users to create slides that can be assembled into PowerPoint files
  • Allows administrators to define rules for downloading and sharing brand assets
  • Enables users to set expiry dates on licensed content

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Types of Branding

  • Personal branding: Useful for a person and is often used to establish a person’s personality, character, or work as a brand.
  • Product branding: Focuses on making a single product recognizable. Designs or symbols are essential parts of product branding to help your customers identify your product quickly.
  • Online branding: Allows businesses to position themselves as a part of the online marketplace. It includes a company’s website, social media platforms, blogs, and other online content.
  • Service branding: Leverages the needs of the customer. Companies that use service branding try to provide their customers with world-class service and aim to use excellent customer service to give value to their customers.
  • Corporate branding: It is a core value of a business that a company develops to present itself to the world. It enables a company to display their mission, personality, and core values in each point of contact it has with current customers, prospective customers, and past customers.
  • Co-branding: It is a form of branding that connects companies. It is a marketing partnership between two or more businesses. It helps brands impact each other positively, resulting in growing their business and spreading brand awareness.


Maintaining a brand identity is an essential part of your overall brand building. Marketers have unique and short needs for brand management. Still, organizations are increasingly finding it difficult to manage the chaos of multi-channel content production with organically developed processes that often fail to optimize marketing efficiency or effectiveness. Brand management software helps you build and protect your brand across all channels to reach and engage with customers, prospects, and partners. Brand management solution is a unique class of content management technology built, especially for marketers and brand managers.

Image Courtesy – Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash