What is a B2B E-Commerce Software?

B2B E-Commerce software allows businesses to sell products or services to other businesses using an online sales portal. It is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall processes of the business. Instead of receiving orders using human assets (sales representative) manually, orders will be received digitally by telephone, websites, or e-mail. B2B E-Commerce software enables a wholesale business to widen its reach and make existing operations more efficient. It also automates the processes and saves a lot of time.

B2B E-Commerce software offers flexibility and customization to accommodate large-scale businesses’ unique requirements for handling manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. Allows users to reduce pricing errors among your channel partners. Enables users to reach your customers 24×7 with digital commerce to build a direct customer relationship.

Features of B2B E-Commerce Software

  • Custom Pricing: Allows users to sell at different prices for different customers based on business volume. It provides such functionality to handle the complex pricing structure.
  • Flexible Payments: Allows users to provide flexible payment options for any online e-commerce store. It also offers a convenient payment mode or selected days credit facility.
  • Customer Profiling: Enables users to determine discounts, minimum order quantity, price, payment terms, etc., based on the customer profile. It also allows users to offer order tracking facility, one-click reordering, personalized promotions, custom catalogs, etc.
  • Custom Bulk Discount: Allows users to offer a bulk discount to encourage buyers to place large orders. It also provides users the option to determine the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).
  • Omni-Channel Presence: Enables users to provides a fully customizable e-commerce platform, including a mobile app, to give their customer comfort and ease at your online store.

List of B2B E-Commerce Software

When you start looking for the best B2B e-commerce software, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the list of options available. Here is the handpicked list of B2B e-commerce software to choose as per your requirement:

1. Shopify Plus

Image Courtesy – https://www.capterra.com/

Shopify Plus is a multichannel e-commerce platform for large ventures, wholesalers, and enterprise-level e-commerce shops, allowing for a higher level of customization, high-demand sales, and scalability. Shopify Plus, B2B e-commerce software, enables you to manage products, content, and pricing without code, including conversion-tested themes for personalized design layouts and functionality.

Shopify Plus allows users to get full control over the entire checkout process and access to over 100 payment gateways. Its advanced reporting and analytics features, boosted by google’s enhanced e-commerce analytics engine, help online retailers get deep insights and understand customers better. Allows users to sell in multiple regions in different languages.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to automate e-commerce campaigns and flash sales using launchpad to schedule products and promotions for publishing across multiple channels
  • Also allows you to operate up to 11 different storefronts from one Shopify Plus account
  • Provides an open API that allows businesses to integrate their existing ERP or CRM to sync inventory, customers, and orders
  • Enables users to customize navigation and user experiences across all types of devices and screen sizes

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2. OroCommerce

Image Courtesy – https://marketplace.oroinc.com/

OroCommerce is an open-source B2B e-commerce software for middle and large-sized companies, with built-in CRM and third-party application integrations. It is suitable for a distributor, a retailer, a manufacturer, or a wholesaler. OroCommerce B2B software offers tools such as corporate account management, access controls, permissions, content management and enables you to streamline workflows and ensure the organization’s consistency of information. Allows users to build and grow your online presence and even expand into the mobile arena.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to operate across different countries in multiple languages and can process payments in multiple currencies
  • Also provides support via phone and email
  • Helps buyers to create and save multiple shopping lists and set frequencies for repeated orders
  • Enables retailers to create multiple pricing lists for different sets of buyers

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3. VirtoCommerce

Image Courtesy – https://virtocommerce.com/

VirtoCommerce is an open-source and reliable B2B e-commerce software that allows you to quickly create powerful online-stores with multi-channel collaboration capabilities with many suppliers, partners, and wholesale customers. Enables users to consolidate and standardize all typical B2B processes, such as warehouse management and partner collaboration. VirtoCommerce B2B software is a multi-channel solution that helps organizations manage sales, product catalogs, payments, inventories, reports, etc.

Key Features:

  • Enables users to control vendor permissions, customize each vendor’s storefront, etc
  • Helps users to create promotional banners, product promotions, shipping promotions, marketing campaigns, etc
  • Allows users to customize contracts and establish complex pricing quickly
  • Allows users to integrate with back-end ERP systems and front-end authentication solutions

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4. Ewiz Commerce

Image Courtesy – https://artworkservicesusa.com/

Ewiz Commerce is a B2B e-commerce software that helps businesses of all sizes to optimize operations related to marketing, customer relationships, campaign planning, etc. Built-in CMS enables administrators to create SEO-optimized content and web page layouts, as well as custom catalogues with product codes, categories, markets, descriptions, images, and videos. Ewiz Commerce B2B software allows users to monitor product collections, create email templates, manage site configurations, and export product data in multiple file formats.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to integrate with various third-party solutions, such as Google Analytics, Avalara, NetSuite, and Navision
  • Offers auto-updates and bug fixes to ensure that you always have a cutting-edge and modern platform
  • Enables team members to set up automatic triggers, notifications, and lead engagement processes
  • Provides a page load time of fewer than 3 seconds, ensuring that your content loads quickly

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5. Pepperi

Image Courtesy – https://www.getapp.com/

Pepperi is an intuitive B2B e-commerce software trusted by retailers, wholesalers, and growing companies. It is equipped with sales automation, merchandising, route accounting, and CRM. Configurable and easy to customize and will adapt instantly to your specific workflows. Pepperi B2B e-commerce software includes catalog, inventory, channel, order, promotion, return management features, maintains customer accounts, etc. Allows users to securely integrate with ERPs such as SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, etc.

Key Features:

  • Enables users to handles SEO management with ease and efficiency
  • Provides a mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Helps users to operate multi-store from a single platform
  • Also provides you stock updates immediately

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6. Apptino Commerce

Image Courtesy – https://websitebuilder.org.uk/

Apptino Commerce is a B2B e-commerce software that empowers manufacturers, distributors, and channel partners, to build their e-commerce in just weeks. Apptino Commerce B2B software helps businesses to bring their sales teams, service teams, channel partners, influencers & it’s customers on a digital commerce platform to provide an omnichannel experience. Allows users to upload excel to quote or order cart to increase efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Enables flexibility to your channel partners to request special prices for a specific order
  • Also enables users to add multiple products and accessories from the same page without navigating multiple times
  • Allows users to provides product highlights, specifications, and delivery information
  • Allows users to create multiple price lists based on the business needs

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7. WooCommerce B2B

Image Courtesy – https://woocommerce-b2b.com/

WooCommerce B2B is a complete wholesale suite that allows you to create a wholesale store on WooCommerce and cater to business buyers’ unique needs. Enables users to manage wholesale e-commerce: price lists, hidden prices, customer groups, VAT handling, and payments method. WooCommerce B2B software also allows you to hide catalogue prices, products, and selected pages until the customer logs in.

Key Features:

  • Enables users to create as many user roles as they want and assign the roles to individuals
  • Allows users to review and approve new B2B user registrations manually
  • Allows users to disable the add to cart button on the global product and category level
  • Also enables users to trigger email notifications on every action related to RFQ

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Software features and product options, click here to continue.

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8. CS-Cart

Image Courtesy – https://www.cs-cart.com/

CS-Cart is a B2B e-commerce software to build online stores for manufacturers and wholesalers. It provides a full-fledged administration panel with lots of tools for effective store management. CS-Cart B2B e-commerce software comes with a built-in theme and layout editors allowing you to make personalized storefronts. CS-Cart allows you to automate the purchasing process and also enables you to create an unlimited number of storefronts and manage them via the single administration panel.

Key Features:

  • CS-Cart enables you to integrate with third-party services such as accounting systems, CRM, ERP, etc
  • Enables you to set different levels of access for employees to the admin panel
  • Allows users to manage businesses in Multiple languages and Multiple currencies
  • Provides users 500+ built-in functions and also offers you 1300+ add-ons and 360+ themes

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9. Opencart

Image Courtesy – https://www.opencart.com/

Opencart B2B is an e-commerce software that helps suppliers worldwide connect via one online platform to communicate and sell products worldwide. It provides immense functionalities, including customer groups, separate seller product collection, product mass upload, request for quotation for both the custom and existing products, product question answer, vendor sub-domain, etc. Opencart B2B e-commerce software also allows the admin to determine the lower stock notification alert and lower stock range.

Key Features:

  • Enables both the sellers and customers can post answers to the questions asked regarding the products
  • Enables the admin to upload/update multiple products in one go through CSV, XML, and XLS files
  • Allows the admin to create customer groups and can assign specific access permissions to individuals
  • Allows the customers to send quotation requests for both the existing and custom products

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10. Magento

Image Courtesy – https://www.magnomates.com/

Magento B2B is a popular open-source B2B e-commerce platform that offers unlimited integrations and an extensive extension library. Provides all the critical functionalities, such as managing multiple brands, partner accounts, etc. Magento B2B e-commerce software allows B2B buyers to enter SKUs or upload CSVs to place orders quickly. It also supports customer quoting and price negotiations with a streamlined request for quote workflow that can entirely manage within Magento or via external systems using APIs.

Key Features:

  • Enables users to automate the order approval process based on rules
  • Also allows B2B buyers to submit quote requests to merchants from their shopping carts, and merchants can respond with discount offers
  • Enables users to integrate your store with ERP, CRM & accounting systems, social media, analytics, etc
  • Allows users to operate businesses in multi-language and multi-currencies

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11. Bigcommerce B2B

Image Courtesy – https://www.bundleb2b.com/

BigCommerce is a B2B e-commerce software that empowers your team to manage a website consisting of large catalogs. Allows users to automate customer and pricing segmentation, purchase orders, payment terms, user roles, and integrations with major ERP, OMS, and CRM systems. BigCommerce B2B software provides native CSR-generated quote management, and bulk pricing is broken down to the SKU level for each customer and customer group. Enables users to access shopping lists created by a customer and create a custom quote.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to manage the corporate account and set up multiple tiers of buyers who have specific roles and permissions
  • Also allows buyers to manage and save multiple shopping lists
  • Allows users to provide additional discounts to customers on top of pre-arranged pricing
  • Enables users to add, edit, show, or hide approved payment options for customers

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12. Episerver B2B

Image Courtesy – https://www.episerver.com/

Episerver B2B is a cloud-based B2B e-commerce software that allows small teams to quickly set up catalog and product data requirements and manage the curation process or data acquisition. Build to help distributors and manufacturers to drive efficiency. Episerver B2B e-commerce software enables you to target existing customers or find and engage new customers with deep personalization capabilities. Allows users to manage multiple sites from a single platform to deliver personalized experiences by segment, location, or device.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to deploy a fully functional B2B e-commerce mobile app so your users can do their jobs anytime and from anywhere
  • Allows users to highlight product categories while personalizing your catalogue for your customers
  • Supports list management and order history capabilities to give your customers a seamless and fast buying experience
  • Enables users to manage quote requests, orders, and deliveries with ease and efficiency

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13. Netalogue

Image Courtesy – http://www.netalogue.com/

Netalogue B2B is a B2B e-commerce software designed to serve manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. It provides multi-store management and promotions management in one place. Netalogue B2B e-commerce software continuously analyses and reviews the world of B2B e-commerce to determine which features and functionality are essential to most businesses. Enables users to receive orders online, promotes different catalogs and price lists, and even provides self-service options so your customers can view real-time invoices and statements.

Key Features:

  • Enables users to integrate with third-party solutions such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, Sage, etc
  • Provides global support and also enables you to operate in multi-languages and multi-currencies
  • Provides mobile apps and over 300 features to suit your requirements
  • Allows users to automate the business, such as e-procurement, workflows, etc

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14. X-Cart B2B

Image Courtesy – https://www.readycloud.com/

X-Cart is an open-source, B2B e-commerce software that offers many features and integration support for creating a successful e-commerce business. Integrates with all major shipping providers, payment gateways, marketing platforms, accounting systems, and CRMs to handle an online store in one place. X-Cart B2B e-commerce software provides you with 400+ payment systems. Provides a library of pre-designed templates that helps you to personalize your business platform.

Key Features:

  • X-Cart is capable of handling over one million SKUs
  • X-Cart is available as a hosted platform or as downloadable software for direct installation on a server
  • Provides a native mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Also provides a 30-day free trial

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15. HandShake B2B

Image Courtesy – https://site.handshake.com/

Handshake B2B is a B2B e-commerce software with an intuitive and comfortable user experience. Handshake allows manufacturers and distributors to create promotional and landing pages and share with retailers via email to promote a specific product or sales campaign. Allows users to integrate with third-party applications such as NetSuite, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics. Handshake B2B e-commerce software also helps users search for new customers, monitor customer engagements, and manage retailers.

Key Features:

  • Provides real-time stock inventory after every sale or return
  • Also provides a mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Provides customer support via phone, web, and live chat
  • Available on a monthly subscription

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B2B E-Commerce has rapidly grown in the past few years. Proper implementation of B2B e-commerce is useful for both customers and sellers. Enables users to reach their customers anywhere, anytime, and help you find new customers & bring back your existing customers who haven’t ordered in years. B2B E-Commerce Software also allows users to make all their decisions based on facts.

Image Courtesy – Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash