TMDHosting vs Hostinger Webhosting Review – who is the winner of June 2020?

If you are about to choose TMDHosting after going through those numerous paid reviews and it’s too good to be true featured offerings – this article is for you. 

When I started choosing a web host for my website, I zeroed on TMDHosting vs Hostinger out of all web host providers available. In the beginning, it was overwhelming to see numerous ‘positive’ webhosting reviews for TMDHosting, but then I did my own research.

Choosing Host-X vs Host-Y shouldn’t be done by flipping a coin, rather it’s a decision that should substantiate a practical study between the two. I feel proud that I did my own research, and chose Hostinger as my web host provider.  And here is why I chose Hostinger over TMDHosting – 


Hosting vs TMDHosting Security

Though this remains to be a widely underrated aspect of choosing a web host, I rate Security as the most important factor while choosing one. A web host that has a serious business would ensure an Unbreakable Hardened Security, not only for its own infrastructure, but also for its clients. Hostinger certainly learned this the hard way after a security incident, following which they took proactive steps to make Hostinger’s entire hosting stack an unbreakable vault. 

Both TMDHosting and Hostinger offer a web-based BitNinja firewall for Malware Protection, however, Hostinger offers you a lot more, both in terms of Security and Peace of mind. 

Hostinger’s implementation of the Hashircorp Vault along with a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) ensures the highest level of security from either human or robot attacks. And to add to it, Hostinger has deployed a team of dedicated cybersecurity experts constantly monitoring the entire hosting stack to find any possible security loopholes. It was also relieving to note that they implemented a Secured Architecture of moving all client sensitive data (email, phone number, etc.) to an additionally secured database, which can be accessed only through an audited channel. I have been following Hostinger’s regular announcements specifically around the Security Setup, and was totally convinced with Hostinger’s seriousness of the game. 

On the other hand, TMDHosting highlights its security through SSL encryption, ‘an isolated environment’ and 24×7 monitoring. When compared with Hostinger’s team of Cybersecurity Experts, TMDHosting has rather a bunch of System Administrators monitoring any security breach; which signifies a reactive approach rather than being proactive.

And the winner is: Hostinger, which beats TMDHosting inside-out on providing a seriously Secured Framework. Though TMDHosting provides the basics of contemporary security in all of its plans, Hostinger provides a proactively vigilant Secured Architecture on top of the basics. My definite thumbs-up to Hostinger!


Your site isn’t any good if it takes more than 8 secs to load a page. Everyone wants their site to load faster and have an uptime of 100% or closer. This is where Performance of a web host comes to the play, and hence remains to be the most important factor of choosing a web host.


Hostinger provides a range of features that are practically useful, on the other hand, TMDHosting’s features are not always valuable and come with hidden costs when you actually want to benefit from it.


Support is one aspect of Hostinger and TMDHosting where both fair equally.